All Bank Asia branch listings in Sylhet. Find Bank Asia Limited Sylhet District branches address and location with telephone numbers, routing numbers and SWIFT codes. Bank Asia Limited, located in Sylhet district of Bangladesh, has a total of 5 branch. The following table of all the branches of Sylhet district will help you to keep the address of any particular branch including location, telephone number, routing number, Swift code and other related information. Clicking on branch names shows you branch information directly. We have sorted the list alphabetically by branch name.

Branch Bank City Address
Beanibazar Bank Asia Sylhet Tazma Shopping City, Beani Bazar, Sylhet
Laldighirpar Bank Asia Sylhet 1838, Laldighirpar Main Road, Kotwali, Sylhet
Rekabibazar SME Bank Asia Sylhet Rekabibazar Point, Rekabibazar, P.S: Kotwali, Sylhet
Sylhet Bank Asia Sylhet Niloy, 60 Dargah Gate, Sylhet
Upashahar Bank Asia Sylhet Sylhet Tower, Bishaw Road, Subhanighat, Sylhet

About Bank Asia

Bank Asia Limited has a total of 129 branches in 26 districts of Bangladesh. Bank Asia was launched on November 27th, 1999 by a group of successful Bangladeshi entrepreneurs with the main goal of bringing high quality services in the banking sector and actively participating in the growth and expansion of the national economy.

Bank Asia is the only bank in Bangladesh to have acquired the operations of Bangladesh from two foreign banks, Muslim Commercial Bank of Pakistan and Bank of Nova Scotia of Canada. Our aim has always been to strengthen industrial, commercial and financial ties between Bangladesh and foreign countries through trade initiatives and business ventures.

Due to its untiring efforts and long years of experience, Bank Asia today proudly stands among the top banks in Bangladesh with a wide range of business including integrated banking branch, Islamic Windows, offshore banking unit, brokerage branch, agriculture branch and SME. As part of the bank’s commitment to provide all modern and value-added banking services in line with the best standards in the center and globalized world.

Data replicated from official bank website Bank Asia Limited