All Dutch-Bangla Bank branch listings in Narsingdi. Find Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Narsingdi District branches address and location with telephone numbers, routing numbers and SWIFT codes. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited, located in Narsingdi district of Bangladesh, has a total of 4 branch. The following table of all the branches of Narsingdi district will help you to keep the address of any particular branch including location, telephone number, routing number, Swift code and other related information. Clicking on branch names shows you branch information directly. We have sorted the list alphabetically by branch name.

Branch Bank City Address
Baburhat Dutch-Bangla Bank Narsingdi Baburhat, Madhabdi Bazar, Narsingdi
Manohardi Dutch-Bangla Bank Narsingdi Lake City, Monohardi, Narsingdi
Narsingdi Dutch-Bangla Bank Narsingdi 217 Desh Priyo Road, Narsingdi Bazar, Narsingdi
Velanagar Dutch-Bangla Bank Narsingdi Khadiza Mansion, Velanagar, Chinispur, Narsingdi

About Dutch-Bangla Bank

Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited has a total of 208 branches located in 55 districts of Bangladesh. Activities of Dutch-Bangla Bank The first joint venture bank in Bangladesh is M Sahabuddin Ahmed (Founder Chairman) and the initiative of local shareholders led by Dutch company FMO. From the beginning, the bank’s focus has been on financing Bangladesh’s high-growth manufacturing industries. The rationale is that the manufacturing sector exports Bangladeshi products worldwide. Through this, financing and concentration in this sector allows Bangladesh to achieve the desired growth. Other focus of Dutch Bangla Bank is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Although CSR is now a cliché, Dutch Bangla Bank has described the sector’s pioneers and contributions as ‘social responsibility’. Due to investment in this sector, Dutch Bangla Bank has become one of the largest donors and largest bank donors in Bangladesh. The bank has won many international awards due to its unique vision as a socially conscious bank. Dutch Bangla Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to be fully automated.

Data replicated from official bank website Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited