All ICB Islamic Bank branch listings in Narayanganj. Find ICB Islamic Bank Limited Narayanganj District branches address and location with telephone numbers, routing numbers and SWIFT codes. ICB Islamic Bank Limited, located in Narayanganj district of Bangladesh, has a total of 1 branch. The following table of all the branches of Narayanganj district will help you to keep the address of any particular branch including location, telephone number, routing number, Swift code and other related information. Clicking on branch names shows you branch information directly. We have sorted the list alphabetically by branch name.

Branch Bank City Address
Narayanganj ICB Islamic Bank Narayanganj Al-Haj Benu Tower(1st floor), 152, B.B Road, Narayanganj-1400

About ICB Islamic Bank

ICB Islamic Bank Limited was incorporated as a public limited company in April 1987 under the Companies Act, 1913 to conduct all types of banking, financial and business activities, transactions and activities (Shariah) business activities in strict compliance with the principles of Islamic law. Related to, especially avoiding interest on loan and sale transactions and any practice that amounts to interest. The bank has been approved by Bangladesh Bank to conduct banking business in Bangladesh and the actual banking activities of this bank started on 20th May, 1987.

Data replicated from official bank website ICB Islamic Bank Limited