What is the Line of Credit?

What is the line of credit? A line of credit refers to a credit facility offered by a bank, building society, or other financial organization to an individual, company, or government consumer, which allows the consumer to draw on this facility only when he/she needs cash and does not depend on the bank for it. The banks naturally extend the line of credit against some interest paid by the consumer regularly. It is similar to a credit card facility, except that the card can not be used by anyone other than the particular person who has drawn on the credit line.


How to use it: When consumers wish to borrow money, they should apply for the credit. They need to give the details of their income and the reason why they need it. The bank’s financial adviser will review the consumer’s details and determine how much interest will be levied on it. The interest rate alters from company to company.

facility is beneficial

Why is it important? This facility is beneficial as long as the requirements of the consumers are fulfilled. Some of the advantages of this credit facility are discussed below. The most important profit is that it helps individuals in meeting their immediate financial needs. It is the best alternative for borrowing money from other sources, as it offers more money in less time.


How to avoid disadvantages? One of the disadvantages of this credit facility is that it is expensive. It is costly because the bank charges high-interest rates on the credit amount. Consumers must budget their budgets so that they do not have to take a loan at exorbitant rates. It is also necessary to avoid credit facilities that are extended for an extended period. This will help them to avoid paying back heavy amounts of interest.


Bank tips on what is the line of credit can easily be obtained from the internet. Many advantages are associated with using debit cards over credit cards. The main benefit is that the debit card does not carry any interest rate or monthly charges. It is purely debit in nature, and the balance that remains on the menu is not charged. The other advantage is that a consumer can use a debit card in any shop or ATM.

financial institutions

There are many banks and other financial institutions that provide this facility. There are various advantages that a consumer can enjoy by using a debit card. Apart from that, the other bank tips on what is the line of credit allow a consumer to purchase goods even when he is on vacation. Many debit card companies are providing facilities like travel insurance, visa cards, and gift vouchers. There are some disadvantages, as well.


Many people tend to misuse the privileges that they are provided with. This is because they do not know the credit line and do not use the debit card. When the debit card’s balance is zero, and there is no money in the bank account, the user will be charged an enormous fee for using the credit facility.


Another disadvantage is that the bank may refuse to issue bank tips on the line of credit to a particular consumer. Many reasons can be used to block the debit card from being used. If the person is under eighteen, these reasons include if he fails to give the correct identification details and if he fails to produce the receipts whenever required.