All Pubali Bank branch listings in Chattogram. Find Pubali Bank Limited Chattogram District branches address and location with telephone numbers, routing numbers and SWIFT codes. Pubali Bank Limited, located in Chattogram district of Bangladesh, has a total of 68 branch. The following table of all the branches of Chattogram district will help you to keep the address of any particular branch including location, telephone number, routing number, Swift code and other related information. Clicking on branch names shows you branch information directly. We have sorted the list alphabetically by branch name.

Branch Bank City Address
Agrabad Pubali Bank Chattogram 99, Agrabad Comm. Area, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
Akbarhat Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram A K Patowari Market, Vill: Aman Ullah, Po: Akbarhat, Upazila: Sandwip, Chattogram
Aman Bazar Pubali Bank Chattogram Madina Market, 1st Floor, Aman Bazar, Fatyabad, Dist.- Chattogram
Anderkilla Pubali Bank Chattogram 37, Rajapur Lane, Anderkilla, P.O.- Anderkilla, Chattogram
Anwara Pubali Bank Chattogram P.O.- Anwara, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
Asadgonj Pubali Bank Chattogram Ashraf Ali Road, P.O.- Kotwali, Dist.- Chattogram
Bahadderhat Pubali Bank Chattogram Holding No- 1719/2275, Sajan Super Market, CDA Avenue, Chittagong, Dist.- Chattogram
Bailtali Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Hazrat Shah Sufi Amanat Khan (r) Super Market, Bailtali Bazar, Union- Bailtali, Thana- Chandanaish, Dist.- Chattogram
Banskhali Pubali Bank Chattogram H.S. Super Market (1st Floor), Banskhali Pourasava, Jaldi, Chittagong, Dist.- Chattogram
Baratakia Bazar Pubali Bank Chattogram Dhaka Trunk Road, P.O.- Baratakia Bazar, Dist.- Chattogram
Baroiarhat Pubali Bank Chattogram Haji Khair City Center, Holding no. 307, Ward no. 02, Pourashava- Baroiarhat, Chattogram
Bibirhat Pubali Bank Chattogram Al-Haj Nazrul Shopping Complex, 1 Floor, Bibirhat Bazar, Fatikchari, Chattogram, Bangladesh
Boropole Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Atiket Mowlana Tower, Holding No.- 1384, Port Connecting Road, Chattogram City Corp., Thana- Halishahar, Dist.- Chattogram
C.D.A Corporate Pubali Bank Chattogram C.D.A. Building, P.O.- GPO Chattogram, Dist.- Chattogram
Chaktai Pubali Bank Chattogram 214, Naojoan Plaza, 1st Floor, New Chaktai, P.O.- Chaktai, Dist.- Chattogram
Chandanish Pubali Bank Chattogram Chandanaish, P.O.- East Zoara, Dist.- Chattogram
Chandgaon Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Haji Nurul Alam Prakas Kalu Building, 705/865 Arakan Road, Ward No.- 04, Chattogram City Corp., Thana- Chandgaon, Dist.- Chattogram
Chawkbazar Pubali Bank Chattogram Haque Tower, (1st Floor), Holding No- 170, Nawab Siraj-u-doulla Road, Chawk Bazar, Dist.- Chattogram
Chowdhury Hat Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Eastern Shopping Center, Chowdhury Hat, Union- Chikandandi, Thana- Hathazari, Dist.- Chattogram
College Road Pubali Bank Chattogram Chattogram College Road, P.O.- Chattogram, Dist.- Chattogram
Colonel Hat Pubali Bank Chattogram 1414/A, Mannan Plaza, D.T Road, Ward No.10, City Gate, Uttar Kattoly, Dist.- Chittagong
Dharmapur Pubali Bank Chattogram Haji Abdul Bari Market, 1st Floor, Azadi Bazar, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
EPZ Pubali Bank Chattogram TCB Bhaban (1st floor), M A Aziz Road, Bandertila, Chattogram
Foillatali Bazar Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Yousuf Complex, Holding No.- 20/22 Haji Abdur Rashid Road, Ward No.- 26 Thana- Halishahar, Dist.- Chattogram
Fokirnirhat Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Fokirnirhat, Solaiman Market (1st Floor), Mouza- Shah Mirpur, Fokirnirhat Rasthar Matha, Union- Baro Uthan, Upozilla, Ps- Karnaphuli, Chattogram
Hadipara Pubali Bank Chattogram Eastern Refinery Gate, Patenga, P.O.- North Potenga, Dist.- Chattogram
Halishahor Pubali Bank Chattogram 1636, P.C. Road Natun Bazar (1st Floor), Bishwa Road Mor, Madhyam Rampur, Chattogram
Hathazari Pubali Bank Chattogram A.K Plaza, 1st Floor, Hathazari Bazar, Dewannagor, P.O- Hathazari, Dist.- Chattogram
Ichapur Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Zohra Complex, Ichapur Faizia Bazar, Union- Mekhol, Thana- Hathazari, Dist.- Chattogram
Industrial Area Pubali Bank Chattogram J.M Center, Holding No. 147/11, Chittagong City Corporation, Panchlaish, Dist.- Chattogram
Jorargonj Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Al Madina Shopping Complex, (1st Floor), Holding No- 372, Project Road, Jorargonj Bazar, Chattogram
Jubilee Road Pubali Bank Chattogram Seraj Square, 173, Jubilee Road, Enayet Bazar, Ward 22, Chattogram City Corp, PS- Kotwali, Dist.- Chattogram
Kadamtali Pubali Bank Chattogram Dewan Chand Mohol, 1277 Dhanialapara, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
Katirhat Pubali Bank Chattogram Madrasha Market, Katirhat Bazar, Hathazari, P.S: Hathazari, Chattogram


Keranihat Pubali Bank Chattogram Mannan Shopping Complex, 1st Floor, Kenarihat, Satkania, Dist.- Chattogram
Khatunganj Pubali Bank Chattogram 249. Khatunganj, BSM Centre (1st Floor), Khatungonj, P.O.- Lamabazar, Chattogram
Korbanigoj Pubali Bank Chattogram 36, Shanti Niketon Bhaban, Korbanigoj, P.O.- Lamabazar, Dist.- Chattogram
Korerhat Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Obayed Saleha Plaza, Ramgor Road, Union- Korerhat, Thana- Mirsarai, Dist.- Chattogram
Kulgaon Pubali Bank Chattogram Kazi Bhaban, 392, Hathazari Road, P.O.- Jalalabad, Dist.- Chattogram
Laldighi East Pubali Bank Chattogram Holding No- 1209, K.B Aman Ali Road, Laldighi Easts, P.O.- Anderkilla, Dist.- Chattogram
Lohagara Pubali Bank Chattogram DNA Sikder Tower, Bottali, Lohagara, P.O. Lohagara, Lohagara, Chattogram
Madhunaghat Pubali Bank Chattogram Madhunaghat, P.O.- Noor Ali Bari, Dist.- Chattogram
Mazhirghat Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Nur Uddin Chamber (1st Floor), Chattogram City, Chattogram
Mehdibagh Pubali Bank Chattogram Holding No- 34, Chatteshwary More, Dampara, Dampara, Dist.- Chattogram
Mithachara Bazar Pubali Bank Chattogram D.T. Road, P.O.- Mithachara Bazar, Dist.- Chattogram
Muradpur Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Musa Complex, Holding No. 179/a/353/480, Hathazari Road, Ward No. 8, Ctg City Corp., Thana: Panchlaish, Dist. Chattogram
Nanupur Pubali Bank Chattogram P.O.- Nanupur, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
Nazirhat Pubali Bank Chattogram P.O.- Nazirhat, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
Nizampur Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram Rafiqul Islam Plaza, Nizampur Bazar, Union- Wahedpur, Thana- Mirsarai, Dist.- Chattogram
North Potenga Pubali Bank Chattogram TSP Gate, Potenga, P.O.- North Potenga, Chattogram City Corp, Ward- 40, Dist- Chattogram
Padua Pubali Bank Chattogram Haji Sultan Market, Padua, Lohagara, P.O.- Padua, Dist.- Chattogram
Pahartali Pubali Bank Chattogram D.T. Road, Pahartali, P.O.- Pahartali, Dist.- Chattogram
Patharghata Pubali Bank Chattogram 27, Bundle Road, Patherghata, Dist.- Chattogram
Patiya Pubali Bank Chattogram Hazi Abul Kashem Tower, Patiya, Chittagong, P.O.- Patiya, Dist.- Chattogram
Port Pubali Bank Chattogram 1022, IMS Momtaz Tower (1st floor), P.O.- Bandar, Dist.- Chattogram
Rangunia Pubali Bank Chattogram F.A Tower, 1st Floor, Ichakhali, P.O.- Rangunia, Dist.- Chattogram
Ranirhat Pubali Bank Chattogram Amena Super Market, Ranirhat Bazar, Rangunia, Via.- Raozan, Dist.- Chattogram
Raozan Pubali Bank Chattogram Kazi Wahebullah Market, 34 Munnshirghata, P.O.- Raozan, Dist.- Chattogram
Reazuddin Bazar Pubali Bank Chattogram Mohsin Market, R.S. Road, Dist.- Chattogram
Sadarghat Pubali Bank Chattogram 79/A, Metro Plaza (1st floor), Sadarghat Road, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
Sandwip Pubali Bank Chattogram Mohammadia Market New Complex, Haramia, P.O.- Sandwip, Dist.- Chattogram
Satkania Pubali Bank Chattogram Hakim Plaza, College Road, Satkania, Dist.- Chattogram, Bangladesh
Shantirhat Pubali Bank Chattogram Shantirhat, P.O.- Patiga, Dist.- Chattogram
Sheikh Mojib Road Pubali Bank Chattogram 1403, SK. Mujib Road, Dewanhat, Dist.- Chattogram
Siberhat Pubali Bank Chattogram Aman apan Shopping Complex, Shiberhat, P.O.- Mait Bhanga (Siberhat), Dist.- Chattogram
Sitakunda Pubali Bank Chattogram Sitakunda SME Branch, Sitakunda, P.O.- Sitakunda, Chattogram
Steel Mill Bazar Sub Branch Pubali Bank Chattogram 159. Steel Mill Bazar Sub Branch, Sajuba-Jaman Center, Holding No.- 551/608, Steel Mill Bazar, Ward No.- 40, CCC, Thana- Patenga Model Thana, Dist.- Chattogram
Terri Bazar Pubali Bank Chattogram Holding No.: 618/739, Islam Super Market, P.O.- Anderkilla, Dist.- Chattogram

About Pubali Bank

At the initiative of some Bangalee business owners, the Bank was first established in 1959 under the Bank Companies Act 1913 as Eastern Mercantile Bank Limited. This was done to extend credit to Bangalee business owners who, at the time, had limited access to credit from other financial institutions. Following Bangladesh’s independence in 1972, this bank was nationalised in accordance with government policy and given the new name Pubali Bank. As a result of new circumstances, this bank was denationalised in 1983 and renamed as Pubali Bank Limited, a private bank. Since its founding, this Bank has mobilised savings and made investments that have significantly contributed to the nation’s general economic development as well as the socioeconomic, industrial, and agricultural sectors.
With 500 branches and the greatest real-time centralised internet banking network, Pubali Bank is currently the largest private commercial bank.

Data replicated from official bank website Pubali Bank Limited