All Social Islami Bank branch listings in Chandpur. Find Social Islami Bank PLC Chandpur District branches address and location with telephone numbers, routing numbers and SWIFT codes. Social Islami Bank PLC, located in Chandpur district of Bangladesh, has a total of 12 branch. The following table of all the branches of Chandpur district will help you to keep the address of any particular branch including location, telephone number, routing number, Swift code and other related information. Clicking on branch names shows you branch information directly. We have sorted the list alphabetically by branch name.

Branch Bank City Address
Ashrafpur Bazar Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur Ashrafpur Bazar, Kachua, Chandpur
Baburhat Bazar Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur Cherag Ali Market, Baburhat Bazar, Upazilla- Chandpur Sadar, Dist- Chandpur
Bakila Bazar Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur Sheikh Market, Bakila Bazar, Hajigonj, Chandpur
Chandpur Social Islami Bank Chandpur Faisal Shopping Complex (1st & 2nd floor), Bishnudi, Chandpur Bus Stand, Thana- Chandpur, Dist- Chandpur
Gridakalindia Bazar Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur Rahamania Super Market (1st Floor), Gridakalinda Bazar, Thana- Faridgonj, Chandpur
Hajigonj Social Islami Bank Chandpur Chittagong Mansion Building, Holding No. 0821, Chandpur- Cumilla Highway Road, Ward-6, Hajigonj Paurasabha, PS/PO: Hajigonj, Dist- Chandpur


Kachua SME Social Islami Bank Chandpur Talukder Super Market, Holding No- 111, Ward No- 08, Kachua, Chandpur
Munshirhat Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur 114, Master Tower, Madrasa Road, Munshirhat Bazar, Matlab, Chandpur
Natun Bazar Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur Islamia Market (1st Floor), Natun Bazar, Thana- Matlab (North), Chandpur
Nayergaon Bazar Social Islami Bank Chandpur Mahadi Tower (1st floor), Nayergaon Bazar, Matlab (South), Chandpur
Rupsa Bazar Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur Rabeya Plaza (1st floor), Rupsa Bazar, Ward no. 03, Faridgonj, Chandpur
Sachar Bazar Sub Branch Social Islami Bank Chandpur Sachar Moddho Bazar, 1 No Sachar Union, Thana- Kachua, Dist- Chandpur

About Social Islami Bank

Established in 1995, Social Islami Bank PLC. (SIBPLC) is the top value-added financial institution in the nation, operating under the Shariah’ Principles. SIBL is comprises of SIBL Foundation Hospital, SIBL Securities Ltd., and SIBL Investment Ltd. With the motto “Working Together for a Caring Society,” the three-tier banking model (Formal, Non-formal, and Voluntary), which is a first for Bangladesh’s banking industry, introduces new dynamism into welfare banking with the goal of ending the nation’s poverty. Working together with our stakeholders and valued customers to offer them one-stop services and technological access to the latest products. Our unrivalled customer services have set us ahead of the competition. With our clients, we establish durable business partnerships that support their profitable growth.
With 4000 employees distributed with 179 branches and 213 subbranches across the nation, we are always ready to serve you. In order to provide financial services to even the most remote areas of the country, it has also 375 Agent Banking Outlets. Unlike others, the Bank’s criteria for success are not only the key objective to make profit but also landmarks to become the country’s most humanitarian and complete Bank.

Data replicated from official bank website Social Islami Bank PLC